Man Files Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of White County on Alcohol

SEARCY, Ark.-  A Searcy man is filing a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of White County's prohibition and the state's local option law.  

David Brennan calls it the most divisive issue in Arkansas.  

"There's nothing about alcohol that differs from one county to the next," says Brennan. 

It took him more than two years of preparation before he was ready to file his lawsuit against the county.

"It has no rational relation to any legitimate governmental objective," says Brennan, "it's purely an imposition of morality."

Brennan grew up in the College Church of Christ.  He says churches have a desire to make their community reflect their morality.

Brennan went to the library and pulled old advertisements from the 1950's petitioning for people to vote White County dry.

"The liquor dealer says- I have a license and if I do not bring these evils upon you somebody else will," reads Brennan, quoting the ad. 

 He says the antiquated ads play on emotion whereas he plans to challenge the law with research. 

The issue of safety is a huge factor.  He says newer research shows that a dry county doesn't mean a safer county.

Citing a 2016 UALR Law School law review Brennan says, "Boone county which voted to go wet in 2010 has reported a dramatic decrease in DWI arrests in the years since."

He says the White county lawsuit, filed September 11th, is a first step in the right direction.

At the time of this story we were not able to connect with White County judge Michael Lincoln regarding the lawsuit.  

The county has 50 days from when the lawsuit was filed to file an answer. 

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