LRSD School Counselor Tracks Benefits Of Mentors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Often times, being a mentor means you are a positive influence in a young person's life.

A Chicot Elementary counselor says she tracked the number of behavioral reports students got before and after getting a mentor. She says her data shows how beneficial it is for students.

Tim Wilson may be a bit big for the kid chairs in a classroom, but it's the only place he wants to be. Wilson is a mentor at Chicot Elementary. He is mentoring a 10-year-old for the second year and plans on getting a second kid to mentor soon.

"We need to give back. We need to help. I need to not just take. I need to give back," said Wilson.

He signed up last school year. He says he found that he had some extra time and put it to good use.

"One of the things he wrote in a letter to me,  it was like, 'thanks Tim for teaching me to be a leader rather than a follower,'" said Wilson.

Adrienne Hawkins is the counselor at Chicot Elementary. She says she sees first hand the benefits.

"It provides that social and emotional support that some of our children need," said Hawkins.

She even tracked how often the kids had behavioral issues before and after having a mentor.

"Once we went back and looked at the reports we got to see that this is effective and it's working," said Hawkins.

She hopes to grow the program at her school because the good results are helping the next generation.

"When they have that support and they know there is going to be someone there to even question them and hold them accountable, this is what you have, good results," said Hawkins. 

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