Audio, Video Recordings in Deadly LRPD Officer-Involved Shooting Released

LITTLE ROCK, Ark -- Little Rock Police Department released the video and audio recording from a deadly officer-involved shooting, that happened last fall.

Investigators said the deceased man's uncle officers to his home because his nephew was drink and would not leave.

We do not see the fatal shooting but audio is being recorded.

The video is from the dash board camera of LRPD officer Dennis Hutchins' patrol car, last October.

Hutchins pulls up and parks near 8th street in downtown Little Rock .. his lights and sirens are off.

He hops out of the car and tells another officer what he see's, as he walks off camera.

"Aye, they are fist fighting," said Hutchins.

Hutchins officer is carrying a rifle and loads the weapon.

22 seconds later, a man yells.

"He's going into the house," said unknown man.

Five gunshots are heard and then a man screams.

"Please stop .... please stop shooting," said unknown man.

Police approach the downed man.

"His fingers on the trigger. I got him covered. Get the ugh ... get the gun out." said Hutchins.

Hutchins explains what he saw to responding officers.

"I'm pretty sure the victim ran in here. They were fist fighting when we rolled up and as we're running up," said Hutchins. "He runs back to his car. Grabs his gun and is aiming at him, taking it up inside."

The suspect, later identified as Roy Richards, was shot dead.

Hutchins and another officer are shocked to learn the kind of gun Richards was holding.

"Jesus man, that's a pellet gun," said Unknown Officer.

"Is it," said Hutchins.

"Yeah," said Unknown Officer.

"Jesus Christ," said Hutcins.

Investigators said Hutchins fired thinking Richards was going to shoot Richards' uncle during a fight.

"From down the yard  ... it dang ol' didn't look like one," said Hutchins. "He had it in his hands and running up the stairs."

An investigation found Hutchins was justified when he shot Richards.

At the end of August, Richards' sister, Vanessa Coleman, announced she is suing Hutchins, the police chief and the department.

"Brother was shot in the head, but it blew the family's brains out," said Coleman.

According to the lawsuit, police never gave commands and the uncle was inside with the door closed by the time Richards grabbed the gun.

"There is this void in our lives that will never be healed," said Coleman. "He was a very valid part of our lives."

The lawsuit is ongoing.

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