LRPD Passes Out Locked, Unlocked Cars "Report Cards"

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - As a kid the report card was something you either looked forward to it or dreaded. If you live in Little Rock, you might not be done with receiving a pass or fail grade. 
The Little Rock Police Department has come up with a new initiative that will grade you on how well you score against preventing property crime. 
It was a typical morning for Bryan Germany as he was about to drive to work. 
"I got out to my car and noticed when I started it up there was something under my windshield wiper," said Germany. 
Once he got a closer look, he saw it was a report card from Little Rock Police. 
"At first I thought it was kind of strange, but then I thought it was brilliant," said Germany. 
It's a new program that has officers checking cars to see if you have valuables in plain view, if your windows are open, or if your doors are unlocked. You either pass or fail and they put the report card in your windshield to find later. 
LRPD Lieutenant Steven McClanahan says they're trying to get ahead of criminals who look for the same things. 
"We've seen a consistent theme of people leaving their doors unlocked on their cars," said McClanahan. 
The department plans to do this city wide to remind people it doesn't take a lot of effort to stay vigilant. 
"I think this may be the driving factor that will reinforce that you need to always do these things," said McClanahan. 
Germany passed his check. He says this seems to be a blast from the past. 
"It's kind of a community policing old school throw back in my mind, when police had time to drive through your neighborhood," said Germany. 
He hopes his neighborhood scores all A's too. 
"Maybe we can cut down on some of this crime," said Germany. 
Police have been focusing on the Heights and Hillcrest neighborhood, but will start doing it city-wide. Only uniformed police officers will be passing the cards out.

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