LRPD Captains Start New Assignments

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- A leadership switch-up inside the Little Rock Police Department happened Monday. 

We learned from LRPD that Chief Kenton Buckner planned this change years ago to provide well-rounded employees who can help keep you safe. 

Every Little Rock Police Captain started a new assignment Monday. 

9 captains run the nine divisions that make up the police department. 

Captains report to the Assistant Chief who reports to the Chief. 

Brock Bailed who lives in Little Rock learned about the captains' new assignments on Monday. 

He said, "Yeah, I mean change is always good."

His baby daughter is learning how to crawl. 

While she learns something new so are the LRPD captains. 

LRPD Lt. Steven McClanahan said, "Today we've moved all of our captains. Today's their first day in their new assignment."

A captain runs each division: Downtown Patrol, Northwest Patrol, Southwest Patrol, Major Crimes, Headquarters, Special Operations, Special Investigations, Training and Records and Support Divisions. 

McClanahan said, "For instance, if you go to  the Northwest precinct  which is by Baptist Hospital that captain oversees operations from everything west of University."

Chief Kenton Bucker announced about 2 years ago his plan to mix things up. 

"So he wants to make sure that those captains have exposure to everything that way they can lead more effectively," McClanahan told us. 

People will not necessarily see different officers in their neighborhoods but when people show up to their precincts they will see a new person running the show. 

McClanahan said, "We knew this was coming. It was no surprise to us."

The planned change provides a fresh set of eyes at each division. 

"A new captain could get a new fresh approach on what's going on. You may see things change slightly; however, you will see a new captain," Lt. McClanahan continued. 

Bailey said he is not against change. 

Bailey said, "We can get complacent in our different roles so this will be a good chance for people  to see things from a different perspective."

The Little Rock father said he is for anything that helps keep his kids safe.

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