LR Police Chief Sets Goals, New Initiatives for 2018

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The mic is hot, and phone lines are open.

"I sit back here," Toney Orr says.

"This is our control board."

Orr serves as president at KABF community radio, located on the south side of Little Rock.

"Our motto is 'Voice of the People,'" Orr says.

Orr also hosts two talk shows.

"And, then we go directly into what's the hottest thing going," Orr says.

In 2017, the hottest things going included blue lights, yellow tape and a soundtrack of gunfire.

"We want changes," Orr says.

"It comes a time when we the people have to make those that are elected, accountable."

Speaking out for the first time in 2018, Little Rock police chief Kenton Buckner envisions change, too.

"There are no secrets that we have strained relationships in many of our minority communities that have crime problems," Buckner says.

Buckner revealed three things coming soon: a new initiative with U.S. attorney Cody Hiland's office, 12-hour shifts for uniformed officers and a website feature dedicated to unsolved homicides.

Twenty-nine homicides from 2017 remain unsolved.

"And, I would just ask the public to make sure that you're doing your part with your son, your daughter, your neighborhood," Buckner says.

"We can't be a spectator to many of the things that frustrate us."

Both Buckner and Orr agree that responsibility stretches past a police uniform.

"We can't leave it all to them to make these changes," Orr says.

A new year with a new outlook, raising the bar for a better community.

"You can only get to the comfortable after you get through the uncomfortable," Orr says.

"2017 was uncomfortable for a lot of people."

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