Little Rock School District Faces $5 Million Budget Cut

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The Little Rock School District will face a 5 million dollar budget cut next school year. 

More than half of the lost funds are due to incomplete paperwork by parents. 

The cuts are coming as no surprise to the district. 

The less than two percent cut will cause changes for some teachers, administrators, even the cafeteria. 

According to Teresa Knapp Gordon, President of the Little Rock Education Association, the district lost its "high poverty rating" which is based off of free and reduced lunch numbers. 

Since not enough families turned in the paper work during the Fall, the district missed the designation by 3 percent. 

That 3 percent translates to about 3 million dollars in lost funds. 

"After July 1 those forms will be available online, we'll have them at check in, we'll have them at parent teacher night, we'll have them every time those doors are open at the school, those forms will be available," Knapp Gordon said. 

Also without the high poverty rating, certified teachers who would receive a 5,000 dollar bonus each year for working at a high poverty district, miss out. 

The district also lost a million dollars due to declining enrollment. They lost 400 students. 

The district will also begin reducing assistant principals in their secondary schools to follow their ratio of 1 AP to 450 students. This decision was made last year. 

Knapp Gordon is confident the displaced assistant principals will be able to stay with the district, but maybe in a different role. 

Meanwhile. LRSD also voted to give each of their teachers a one-time thousand dollar bonus this year. 

This is the first time the teachers have seen any kind of raise since the state take over 4 years ago. 

The Little Rock Education Association says they decided on a one-time check, because the same amount distributed during the pay periods would only equal about 7 dollars a check. 

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