Jacksonville Revenue Office Deposit Victims Asked to Watch Accounts

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. - More questions arise after the deposits at the Jacksonville Revenue Office were stolen on Sept.  29. 

According to the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), 47 people wrote checks to the revenue office that day three weeks ago. 

Each of them were sent a letter explaining what happened and they needed to cancel the current check and send another one by Oct. 25. 

According to DFA, the Jacksonville Revenue Office handles about 115 transactions a day. 

With a surcharge for using credit cards, most will use either cash or checks, like the victim we spoke to off camera. 

She said her check is pending but she's more worried about the personal banking information on her check the thief has now. 

The Jacksonville police recommend if your check is ever stolen, to report it to police and notify your bank. 

"We're encouraging everyone to just closely monitor accounts, watch for any unusual activity and obviously report it if they see anything," Scott Hardin, spokesperson for DFA said.  

While the deposits for the day were stolen, all cash deposits will be honored and any check canceling fees or stolen cashed checks will be reimbursed. 

"No one is going to be paying double, no one is going to be paying a bank fee, no one is going to be paying us twice in cash. It's just an unfortunate situation but we're working to make it right," Hardin said. 

Arkansas State Police are still investigating the case before they hand it off to the prosecuting attorney's office. 

See the original story here.  

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