Inside Look at LRPD VCAT Officer's Day

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- Little Rock Police's Violent Crimes Apprehension Team (VCATs) arrested more than 400 people on more than 800 felony charges since they started February 4, 2017.

Sunday we rode along with VCATs to give viewers an inside look at how they are trying to fight violent crimes. 

On Sunday we learned VCATs and state parole and probation officers teamed up and now work the same shifts to try to arrest more violent offenders and wanted felons. 

Lt. Don Brown with LRPD said, "SRT, probation and parole, will be attached to us."

He briefed the VCAT officers before they started their work day. 

He said, "Southwest has spiked."

After the quick meeting officers hit the street armed with knowledge and their guns. 

The radio went off before VCAT Officer Kenneth Thompson could leave the parking lot. 

Officer Thompson said, "It goes from 0 to 100."

He told us he wanted to become a cop at 9-years-old when he was a victim of a violent crime. 

Thompson said, "If it wasn't for the incident and me being shot and me coming into contact with police."

Once a victim of a violence crime he now works to take those type of crime numbers down. 

He said, "As a person it's scary. I'm not going to sit here and say it's not. It is but i think theres something we can all do."

Then our interview was cut short as he gets new information from other team members. 

He filled up his patrol car and then we were off to southwest Little Rock. 

He said, "I think we're going to go over there and pick up a lady on warrants."

Officers arrested 61-year-old Clarice Mitchell. She told us she did not think she was getting arrested. 

Officers said they did arrest her because she had 8 felony warrants, one for aggravated assault. 

We got back in the car then we were looking for a car jacking suspect. 

Thompson said, "Doing this you have to juggle. Listen to our channel. Listen to the main channel."

Then we changed directions and went to a staging area where state parole and probation officer set a game plan for the next arrest. 

Now teamed up and working the same shifts, it was the first of many meetings as they try to track down violent offenders. 

Thompson described to us what violent crimes are, "Anything that makes your hair rise up on your arm and uncomfortable."

VCAT officers checked a home with state parole and probation officers. Then we drove to a hotel. The two teams worked together to arrest James Washington on a felony warrant. 

We got a look inside what they called the "tunnel" where they take inmates to be booked at the Pulaski County Jail. 

Then we went back to the police substation and the officers started setting up the next game plan. 

By the end of their work day on Sunday, VCAT officers arrested 5 people. 

They called Sunday a slow day because they have part of their team focused on parks where violent crimes happen. 

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