Human Remains Found in Vacant Lot in Pine Bluff

PINE BLUFF, Ark. -- A grim discovery made in Pine Bluff Wednesday after a local property owner stumbled upon skeletal human remains near 30th and Hazel St. Police say the remains, which were found in an overgrown area at the base of a fence and a tree, appeared to have been there for quite some time.

"This particular location, if you did not walk right up on it, you would not see [the body]," explained PBPD officer Richard Wegner. "That's for sure."

Police say the body is decomposed past the point of recognition, giving them no clue as to who the deceased may be and therefore no next of kin to notify.

But while detectives don't know who the bones belong to, Elizabeth Jeffrey believes she does.

"I have a nephew, Billy Hobson, who has been missing since March," Jeffrey said. "I just have a feeling. A gut feeling."

We spoke to Jeffrey at the scene where the remains had been found earlier in the day. She says she came to try and get some closure.

Jeffrey says she first heard about the remains on Facebook, when a photo from the scene started circulating. Police tell us that picture was taken before they arrived and could secure the area.

"The clothes match the clothes he last had on," she said.

Jeffrey says her nephew had tried to commit suicide in the past. He was last seen at a grocery store just two blocks away from where the remains were found Wednesday.

"I would have loved for him to have come to me, instead of do something different," she said.

The unidentified body is now on its way to the state crime lab for an autopsy, leaving detectives to wait...and Elizabeth to pray.

Police say until they receive the results of the autopsy with a definitive identify and cause of death, they'll be treating this case as a homicide investigation.


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