Football Player Kicked Off After Post Bashing Coach

STUTTGART, Ark -- A Stuttgart High School football player has been kicked off the team after calling out the coaching staff on social media.

Stephanie Bradford, the athlete's mother, said he did it in defense of another player.

Bradford said she has no doubt her son, Zack Geans, enjoys playing football.

"It gives him something to look forward to," said Bradford. "He loves the game. He watches it on television."

A comment Geans posted to Facebook last Monday, bashing the coach, has put his playing in Jepoardy.

It reads:

The Ricebirds look like s*** cause they coach like s*** y'all make us look bad like it's us but it's really y'all ain't no way you can win running str8 screens.  -- Zack Geans.

"Could he have not been so blunt, yes," said Bradford.

She said her son wrote it trying to defend another player.

"His teammate felt like the coach had made him feel like he's the reason they lost the game," said Bradford.

Bradford said the coach told her he didn't see it that way.

"He was like, well first I was mad and I was going to suspend him for two games, but my feelings are hurt. So, he's suspended indefinitely," said Bradford.

A word that tore her son apart.

"It broke him," said Bradford. "It broke his spirit."

Geans missed his first game of the season Friday.

"I came in, I got off work, and I was like where is Zack at ... and he was in his bed ... 7 o'clock ... laying in his bed," said Bradford. "So, yes I'm hurt."

Bradford said she's tried to schedule a sit down with the school to see if what's done can be changed.

"Contact me ... suspend him for a couple for games," said Bradford. "It's his last year. It's his senior year."

The superintendent said the coaching staff will have to make the decision on whether to allow Geans to play again. 


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