Fight at Ernie Biggs Could Lead to Further Punishment for Bar

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A Little Rock piano bar is in trouble again only hours after getting another six months of probation

According to Little Rock police, a fight involving an underage woman broke out at Ernie Biggs Wednesday night. 

Surveillance video shows multiple bouncers checking the woman's ID. What is doesn't show is another woman attacking her later that night. 
"They almost immediately went straight to the ground," said Ernie Biggs manager Shawn Priebe. "At that point is when a bottle got broken from the scuffle."
Priebe said he helped the woman get medical attention after the broken glass cut up her body, all the while not knowing she was 20 years old. 
"Everything said she was 22: the scanners, even the two security guys that were trained to look at them," he said. "It was a complete shock to us."
Customers must be 21 to get into Ernie Biggs. After the fight and proof of an underage drinker, the piano bar could be in even more trouble. 
"Not speaking on any case in particular, but it becomes especially important that you go by the rules and regulations when you're on probation," said ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet.
Ernie Biggs now has to serve a year-long probation and stop all alcohol sales for a two-week period. This comes after the ABC administration director, Bud Roberts, found the club guilty of allowing a minor into the private club and serving her alcohol, and failing to be a good neighbor after one of its bouncers threw a 21-year-old customer out the door head first onto concrete.
"If you are a club that 21 and younger is not allowed in, that's going to be an additional violation, other than the person being injured in there and not being a good neighbor to the community," said Hamlet. 
Following the fight, Hamlet could send additional violations to the ABC administration division within the next five days.
While Ernie Biggs employees wait for a decision, Priebe said they will try to conduct business as usual. 
"We're really not used to these types of instances happening," he said. 
The bar's two-week alcohol suspension will happen some time next month. 

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