Father: College Lied About Calling Police after Daughter's Alleged Rape

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Philander Smith College and Little Rock Police have opened investigations into an alleged sexual assault that reportedly happened Sunday night.

"There's like three different stories about what was going on," says the alleged victim's father, who we're not identifying because his daughter is the victim to an alleged rape.

According to a Little Rock Police report, the assault happened in the victim's dorm room Sunday evening. The police report lists another student, who is an athlete at the school, as a suspect. 

The victim told her parents the next morning.

"My wife made my daughter go to the Dean's office. While she was there, the lady told my wife that they had contacted Little Rock Police Department and then they told my daughter that they had contacted Little Rock Police Department," says the father.

The family, who lives out of town, arrived to the college several hours after receiving the call from their daughter. It was then, they say, they found out the police were never called.

"During all that time, she was just with them in the Dean's office," says the father.

Little Rock Police Spokesperson Lt. Steven McClanahan confirms the department received no calls from Philander Smith administrators.

"We were leaving and I was like... so what are the steps that Little Rock PD is taking in this matter? And, they really couldn't tell me," says the father.

The father, with his daughter, went to Little Rock Police to file a report. They provided officers with some evidence, including bed sheets. It was then, their daughter received medical treatment.

Philander Smith College would not comment on the family's allegations they lied about contacting LRPD because of an open Title IX (Nine) case.

A college spokesperson says they immediately opened up a Title IX investigation, which gives the school authority to investigate the allegation internally. It's a separate investigation from any criminal investigation that may be ongoing, if the student chooses to notify police.

"Philander Smith College has been made aware of serious allegations regarding one of its students. The College is prohibited by federal privacy law from responding to those specific allegations, but wants to assure its students, faculty, staff, and the larger community to which it belongs that we unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms condemn all forms of sexual violence. Such acts are inconsistent with the College's mission of graduating academically accomplished students who are passionate advocates for social justice, inconsistent with the College's commitment to maintain an educational environment free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and violence, and inconsistent with the strong moral fiber that weaves all of us together as a community.

As such, all allegations of sexual misconduct or violence are taken seriously and rigorously investigated by well-trained members of our staff. These matters are complex and often involve multiple agencies, including law enforcement. While the College always tries to complete an investigation as quickly as possible, our priority-in addition to providing compassionate care to victims of such misconduct-is to ensure that the factual investigations are complete and conducted in a fair and thorough manner, consistent with the College's obligations under all federal and state laws, including Title IX."

"I don't think they handled the situation properly at all," says the father.

A broken heart may be hard to heal but this father says he's just beginning his journey toward justice.

"I think that they were going to use the 60 days they said Title IX empowered them to hold the investigation but come back and tell me it's my daughter's word against his," says the father.

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