Facebook Page said Pit Bulls 'Could Be Destroyed' If Found Within City Limits

CABOT, Ark -- A Facebook post reminding dog owners in Cabot about a ban against a certain type of dog and what might happen if the dog is found within city limits, is causing quite the uproar.

Kalen Clark loves bringing her dogs Harvey and 2-month-old Enigma to the only dog park in Cabot.

"It's supposed to bring people together," said Clark."People and dogs of all kinds."

But a Facebook message on 'Cabot Dog Park's' page Tuesday, has Clark upset.
It reminds dog owners that pit bulls (Bull Terrier breed, Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, American Pit Bull Terrier breed, American Staffordshire Terrier breed and dogs of mixed breed containing on the aforementioned breeds) are not allowed in the city and urges people to contact police if they see one.

"They're trying to run the bully breed ... you know the pit bulls, altogether, off," said Clark

The post doesn't mention why the reminder is needed. It goes on to say that violations could lead to the animal being seized, the owner getting fines, fees and/or imprisonment and the dog being destroyed.  

"It's not a good thing. It's very scary," said Clark. "People just want to bring their dogs to play"

The post lists the Cabot Parks and Recreation phone number as its contact.

It also uses a Cabot Police Department's badge, logo and unit to help get its message across.
The police department bit back saying in part:

The administration of the Cabot Police Department did NOT authorize this action. -- Cabot Police

"I don't think it's fair," said Clark. "If the police department or animal shelter wanted to get that point across, they would get it across themselves."

The post has gotten nearly 300 shares and more than 300 comments...

Timothy Smith thinks the message is barking up the wrong tree.

"'Cabot Dog Park' this is ridiculous! Dogs aren't the issue, the owners are," said Smith.

Dina McBride agrees with the post.

"So awesome that you are taking a stand on this for people and other dogs safety. I applaud you! I truly hope this catches on so I could take my dogs back to the dog park safely," said McBride.

"I love the pit bull breed. I absolutely love them, but I am terrified to own them because of [Cabot's] ban," said Clark.

The animal shelter and police urge people who are upset with the post to contact the page's administrator.

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