Entergy Scam Targets Hair Salons

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The latest scam going around town tells local hair salons they didn't pay their electric bills, but the owners say they did.

"I love being able to create something cool," says salon owner Tonya Cockman.

Tonya Cockman owns Wild Roots Salon in Little Rock. 

"Oh my gosh, I love my hair--it makes me feel really good," says Tonya Cockman. 

Normally she puts in a full day, but a phone call at noon put a cramp in her style. 

"He said his name was Jason and he's with Entergy and we're scheduled for disconnect today and I need to call him back immediately," says Tonya. "I was so embarssed-- saying 'Oh my gosh, did we not pay the bill? Did the check not clear?'" 

But she knew the bill was paid. 

"We called entergy and I asked about my bill and they said no you have a zero balance you're good," says Tonya. 

But this wasn't the end----across town, a similar phone call, was made to Anue Salon in West Little Rock.

"Panic, straight panic because they gave me an hour before they shut me off," says Hilari Thibault, owner of Anue Salon.

The salon's owner Hilari Thibault says the call said they didn't pay their Entergy bill either.

"I had a client in my chair so if I had not known my husband had paid the bill I probably would have paid them because I knew I needed to keep my power on," says Hilari Thibault. 

They aren't alone, the Arkansas Barber College got the same call. 

All three figured it out quickly it's nothing more than a scam.

Tonya blew off the address the scammer told her to go to pay her bill.

And Tuesday she's back at the salon, ready to make the day of one of her clients, and not let Monday's scam bring her down.

Entergy told each of the salons to report the call to state police and not pay the money. 

They encourage anyone that gets that call, to call customer service to find out if in fact they owe money. 

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