Education Matters: Mixing Art & Chemistry in the Classroom

SHERWOOD, Ark. - Art and chemistry collide at Sylvan Hills High School as teachers combine the two completely different subjects.

It's not in a cooking class that a popular kitchen appliance is helping "mix things up."

"Chemistry and Art have a lot to do with each other because without knowning the chemistry behind this project it wouldn't have been done and I couldn't have got it done it," says Katherine Mulinga, Art Student.

It's never been done before at Sylvan Hills High.

"No, I never thought that would be a possibility," says Michael Ahne, Chemistry Student.

Art students and chemistry students are teaming up for hands-on projects in the new Crafts & Chemistry class.

They're learning about the chemical reactions that happen with the acid in the metals and what happens when they're dipped in various solutions.

"Oxidizes the copper and creates the black stuff and leaves the paw print inside the metal," explains Michael.

What looks like a regular piece of metal is transformed when students get creative with it.

They're making keychains, necklaces, earrings and much more.

"I like how we got to come into a chemistry class and we combined and learned it together," Katherine says.

"I've learned from the art students that we can apply chemistry to make a creative project like this," adds Michael.

When art teacher Sarolta Brannen learned the Thea Foundation supplies materials for these projects, she wanted to make it happen.

"Yeah it makes it all real for them. They get to see what's happening. It's hands on. They get to actually manipulate the metal and everything," she says.

So far, students say it's a great solution.

"You just don't have to learn one thing. You can put two things together and have a great experience out of it," says Katherine.

They're having lots of fun mixing the two subjects into one.

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