Education Matters: Commitment to Graduate

CABOT, Ark. - Something new at Cabot Freshman Academy is giving students better focus in the classroom.

Commitment to Graduate, or C to G, helps students master the material and better comprehend what they're learning.

"Going to C to G allows me to meet with my teachers and understand some things," says Callie, a student at Cabot Freshman Academy.

In C to G, teachers assign students who need extra help, but many we talked to choose to go to a class to learn more. They enjoy the one on one lessons with teachers.

"Math and English are really two things I struggle with and as of right now, my grades in that are amazing and I haven't seen it that high in awhile," says JT, another student.

Both Callie and JT keep busy after school with sports and school clubs. The extra 45-minute period each day helps them catch up on homework too.

"Without it, I don't think I would be doing as well as I am in school right now," Callie adds.

All schedules are different. Looking at two students as an example, if we scan Johnny's card, it will pop up that he has a class scheduled for Tuesday, but for the rest of the week, it's all incentive. And then we have Ashlyn's card, which says you do not have any C2G classes, which means she has incentives all week.

Incentives can include things like playing sports or dancing. Students love the extra time to have fun with friends.

"Even when I don't do my homework during C to G, it really just gives me that downtime to relax," Ashlyn says.

Incentive can also be seeking out a relaxing space teachers create in the classroom for students to read. 

Educators are seeing a difference, and so are students.

"I think my ACT scores are really going to go up this year," JT continues.

It's a commitment students encourage other schools to take part in.

The principal at Cabot Freshman Academy says so far in its 8 weeks of the program, the class average is the highest it's ever been.

Also, discipline referrals to the office have dropped dramatically.

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