Crop Dusters Concerned About Drones

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- The world of technology is constantly changing which means we often find ourselves having to change with it.

The same is true for farmers who are adapting to the use of drones, some things that have become more common on the farm.

AG Pilot Chris Pulliam says drones come in handy many times when working on the farm for example, like checking for correct water levels. They could, however, also pose a problem when crop dusters fly over the fields because the drones can be hard to see.

Pulliam says, "We need the technology, we need the drones, but we need the AG planes and we need the pilots to go home every night. And we need to find a way to work together and communicate and be courteous of one another's space, basically, to make it all work out."

Pulliam says local farmers who use drones will often call area pilots to let them know if they are taking pictures that way the pilots are aware.

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