Church Security Cameras Stolen

FAULKER COUNTY,Ark.--A Faulkner County thief tries to outsmart a church security system by stealing the cameras.

Little did they know, those cameras captured everything deputies need to put them behind bars.

KARK 4's Hilary Hunt went to the church and they say the new system was because they have been victims in the past.

Members of Palarm Chapel Missionary Baptist Church said that the cameras were put in places after criminals were stealing copper wiring and musical instruments from them.

The thieves didn't know that the new security measure would be the next target for the thieves.

"Apparently they went up, tore the camera loose," Anthony Miller, Church Chairman said. "I don't know if they were trying to get this wire out or not."

Anthony Miller said he thought investing in security cameras would ward off criminals.

"If anything we thought maybe they would come back, possibly try to steal something and the camera would just catch them," he said.

Prior to this, Miller says his place of worship has fallen victim to multiple robberies, so the cameras were a must.

"They tried to steal gas from our church vans,copper wiring from our air conditioning units."

The recording devices caught the criminal in the act of stealing.

"Since then they have come back and stole the cameras." Miller said. "One particular shot shows almost where the guy practically back into the camera."

The picture was clear as day, giving Faulkner County deputies a face they are now looking for.

And it's not just Palarm Chapel Missionary Baptist Church hoping they find this man,a church right down the road say they hope it will clear up some crimes with them too.

"We hope through social media that somebody will recognize who these people are," Miller said. "Either it will convince them to turn themselves in or the police will find them."

If you recognize the man in the photos or have any information about the crime, contact the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office.

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