Capitol View: Year in Review

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - On the last Capitol View show of 2017, politicians and pundits recapped the good, the bad and the ugly of 2017 and gave their 2018 resolutions for Arkansas politics.

"One of the things that I hope for myself and for the state is that we aspire to be bold and not tinker around the edges to move our state ahead for everybody," said St. Sen. Joyce Elliot, D-Little Rock.

"My resolution as we go into the fiscal session and any special sessions is that we focus on what is best for our families, for Arkansas, and let the other stuff take care of itself," said St. Sen. Jim Hendren, R-Gravette.

The New Year's resolutions of the other two members on the panel targeted Washington politics.  

Republican strategist Bill Vickery hopes to see less animosity toward the opposing party.

"To be a little more understanding of where they're coming from," Vickery said. "It doesn't mean you have to ignore your own principals. You have to have empathy and understanding for where they're coming from, their point of view... to walk a mile in the other guy's shoes before you really get into a judgment."

Dean Skip Rutherford of the Clinton School of Public Service wants more class and respect among politicians.

"To engage in more civil discourse, where people can disagree without being disagreeable, where everybody does not run to his or her tribal entity or home base, where people do have an understanding," Rutherford said. 

The panel also debated some of the hottest topics of 2017, including sexual harassment and racial tensions, and what's to come on the 2018 agenda, including health care reform and the implementation of enhanced carry. 

Watch their full discussion above with host Jessi Turnure. 

Capitol View airs Sunday mornings at 8:30, right before Meet the Press.

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