Bryant High School's All-Girls Robotics Team Reaching for the Stars

BRYANT, Ark. - An all-girls robotics team is making a name for itself in the Arkansas State Vex Robotics Championship, and now, an engineering class is motivating them to continue working on robotics beyond high school.
One of the teammates explained, "It starts out with scraps of metal and screws and gears... everything's just laid out on the table and then we go, 'Ok, how do we want to design this you guys?'"
Like a robot, these girls are a valuable piece to their own team. All take on a different role to operate their creations.
"It takes a lot of teamwork. Like, you need two people on the bot at all times just in case one metal piece doesn't fall on your hand," said one of the girls.
This three-girl robotics team at Bryant High School spent more than 30 hours in one week to design and craft together robots for the state championship.
One robot is called Athena.
"This was modeled after our brother bot, Phobos, and we were just kind of looking at where we want to make improvements on it," another girl said.
The team reworked the drive which made Athena faster and all-around a better robot. 
"To see these girls being so successful so early on... It's wonderful," Engineering instructor Joanna Ritchie said.
Ritchie points out that females are very underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.
"It's somewhere along the way they think they can't do it, they don't want to do it, or it's too hard or there's too many boys," Ritchie said.
But these girls are doing their part to "fit in," throwing all obstacles aside.
If anything, being a part of this three-girl team has made them even more proud of their hard work, and it's motivating them to go far in the world of engineering.

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