Arkansans Snag First New iPhone X

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The wait is over for some Arkansans eager to get the iPhone X.

Bright and early on Friday morning, a crowd on the city's west side filled the sidwalks outside the Apple Store and became the first ones in town to get their hands on the new smartphone.

The very first person in line had been there for six days!

"It was awesome. They're all yelling and clapping so I did the whole hands up," says "J," who got the very first one.

Others waited in line for only hours.

"Just waiting to get an unlocked iPhone X and this is about the only way you can do it," explained Matthew Pearce.

"J" and Portia had been outside the store since Saturday.

"Would you do it again would you stand in line and wait?," we asked him. "I would do it twice as long," he said.

After six days, it's all smiles from J and Portia, who left the Apple Store with their goodie bags in one hand and a hefty receipt in the other.

"This is the space grey, black," he says. "The total for one of these phones here in Little Rock is $1252.41."

Most of those in line said they didn't care about the inflation and that it's translated to a boost in features.

"I like the animojis and video features because I want to do vlogging on my motorcycle," J says.

J and Portia say good things come to those who wait and that couldn't be more true on Friday morning.

While many waited in line and several others pre-ordered, Apple says if you didn't get one today, you could be waiting until 2018 to get one.

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