Arkansans Remember Gary Weir as Bozo the Clown

SHERWOOD, Ark.-- Arkansans mourn the death of a local TV legend who brought decades of smiles to children. 

On Thursday Oaklawn Park confirmed to us the death of Gary Weir. Weir was known as Arkansas' Bozo the Clown during the 1960s-1980s. 

Weir was born in 1941. 

Memories of the Arkansas icon flooded social media as people learned of his death Thursday. 

Weir's Bozo the Clown called Channel 4 home during the late 1980s. 

Viewer Darrell Brown shared his memory of meeting Weir at age 7 at the station. 

Brown told us from his Sherwood home, "There I am and the famous bowl cut that I sported for many years and there's Gary Weir himself aka Bozo."

Brown did not know the man behind the face paint personally. 

He said, "Well it's sad because he truly is an Arkansas icon."

But Weir's death still hit him hard. 

He showed us a picture from 1983 of him posing with Bozo 34 years ago. 

"Gary Weir definitely goes down as one of our true legends of our state," Brown said. 

He described going to Bozo's show as one of the highlight's from his childhood. 

Pointing at the sticker on his shirt in the picture he said, "It says there Bozo's Big Top and then there on the bottom right-hand corner there's the old Channel 4 logo."

He met the legend in 1983 the same year Bozo moved to Channel 4. 

"I remember my mom putting me in this sweater vest and you can't really see it's a hippo wallering around in mud," he told us. 

Brown's just one person who learned Thursday his childhood icon died. 

He described going to the show with his Sherwood friends. 

He said, "It took about two years at the time to get on there (the show) because the demand was so high."

Even after his death, Weir is still bringing smiles and happy memories to fans. 

"See the big smile on my face? Remembering my time on the Bozo show," Brown said. 

We previously reported the Russellville native most recently had been a horse racing handicapper. 

Funeral arrangements have not been announced. 

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