A Family Scammed Into Paying Ransom for Their Missing Cat

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- A family in Hot Springs scammed into paying ransom for their missing cat. 

The Litfins got their cat, Orange Orange for their young daughter, Cooper.  They say Orange Orange went missing on February 13th after he left the tack shop where he always slept and never returned. 

On Monday the Litfins got a sign of hope they may get their beloved cat back, in the form of a text message.   It simply read "hey, I have your cat."

Veronica Litfin says she was ecstatic.  The texter said he lived in Little Rock and asked for $60 in gas money to drive the cat down to Hot Springs. 

The family paid through a PayPal account.  About a half hour later the person asked for $65 more saying something had happened but he would bring the cat that night, even calling to confirm with the family.  He never showed up and stopped correspondence for more than nine hours. 

The next morning he asked for more money saying "I'm right around the corner.  I need $100 more and he's yours." 

That's when they got police involved. 

The Litfins suspect the person on the other end of those messages never had Orange Orange, but say they had to try for their daughter's sake. 

"I believe in Karma and I hope he gets his," says Veronica Litfin. "There's no other way around it, it's just pure evil."

Police have filed the case as a computer fraud report but haven't made any arrests yet. 

The Litfins still don't have Orange Orange back, but haven't given up home he could still come home. 

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