85-year-Old Robbed Inside of Benton Walmart

BENTON, Ark. -- An 85-year-old woman said she was roughed up as she was robbed of her handbag inside a Central Arkansas Walmart store.

Authorities said the crime happened earlier this week in Benton.

The grandmother, too afraid to talk, give her name, or show her face on television said her sense of security was stolen, along with her purse, Monday morning.

"Shaky," said the elderly woman. "I felt safe, but now I don't feel safe in there."

The robbery victim said she felt her basket shaking. When she looked down, she could see a teenage boy -- about 15-years-old -- nervously untying her purse from her cart.

"I guess it's a good thing he didn't tear my arm off because I clip my purse, but most of the time I will put my arm through the handle of my purse and get a hold of the [basket] handle," she explained.

During the struggle she said the young thief knocked her to the ground with the shopping cart, leaving her bruised and nearly speechless.

"I just screamed ... and it was a second or two before I did that because I was in shock," she continued. "It was unbelievable."

Police said the teen could be seen on security cameras running out of the store and hopping into a car with the purse.

"I've got to get everything to prove I even exist," said the elderly woman. "I can't do nothing, because I don't have anything to do it with."

The scary ordeal has left her questioning whether she will ever step foot inside the Walmart again.

"It's just the thought of it," said the elderly woman. "I thought I was safe. I've been in that store a gillion times."

Now, she has advice for other unsuspecting shoppers.

"Watch where you are. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of everybody," she warned.

Police said they have an idea of who they are looking for. At last check, officers had not yet caught up with him.

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