Local Man Claims to Own Hitler's Gun

NORTHWEST AR (KNWA) - A local gun collector owns a one of a kind weapon he claims once belonged to Adolf Hitler, and he's looking to sell.

"It's a priceless gun," says Brian Allen. "It's Hitler's gun."

Allen collects firearms, but when he bought this World War II era P-38 he didn't have any idea of its infamous owner. It's tough to verify, he says, because many documents were destroyed during, or immediately after the war.

"There are people that want letters from Hitler saying, 'This is my gun,'" he says. "Those don't exist."

Allen says an American soldier found the gun on Hitler's bedside table, and smuggled it back to the states. The gun's serial number is one, and it's been plated in chrome nickel and 24 karat gold.

Allen estimates the value of the gun at $48.5 million and he doesn't take security lightly. He keeps the gun in a bank vault, but agreed to show KNWA the weapon inside the Sebastian County Sheriff's Department.

"This is the only one that doesn't belong to a billionaire or a museum yet," he says. "I think it's a neat thing for the public to be able to see."

He's trying to sell the weapon online, and the bidding starts at $25 million. For more information, visit this site.

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