KARK Faces of the Weather

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Since KARK first went on the air April 15, 1954 there have been dozens of weather anchors who brought the forecast to viewers.

Only the older generation will remember some of these faces that delivered the day's weather into their living rooms each night.

Some of these faces were only on the air briefly while others had long careers with KARK.

"I'm not a meteorologist," said KARK's very first weatherman, Tom Longfellow in a 2004 special KARK 50th Anniversary Special. "I used to drive to the U.S. Weather Bureau at the airport before each weather show and get briefed by the government meteorologist, and then I'd take some notes and put it in my head and then I'd race back to the studio....and I would put it in my own words." 

Longfellow continued, "The first weather board I ever had was a blackboard, a green blackboard and I'd draw the weather maps with the highs and lows and everything with a piece of chalk and that was it. Later it got real refined. One time we had a plexiglass weather board. I had to stand behind it and draw everything backwards and that was a real problem. I didn't do too well on that."

While our list of KARK's weather personalities is not complete, it includes:
  • Tom Longfellow - KARK's very first weatherman. In these days, television weather personalities were not required to be meteorologists like today. He died in Nov. 2013. Click here for more information on Tom Longfellow. 
  • Lonnie Gibbons - He came to KARK in 1958 and was also a part of “Dialing for Dollars” weekdays at noon. He died in 2011.
  • Tom Bonner - He is one of the personalities most remembered by KARK viewers, even today, although he left the air in the 1990s. 
  • Beth Ward - Her long-running career in Little Rock television started at KARK in 1968 and she remained with the station until 1986. She did weather and "Dialing for Dollars" with the station. She retired from television in 2005 but can still be seen in local commercials.
  • Lencola Sullivan - weekend weather early 1908s.
  • Todd Tongen - weekend weather 1986-1989.
  • Tracy Douglass - she was with the station off and on from the 80s through 2011.
  • Barry Brandt - evening weather anchor/chief meteorologist 1980s-1997.
  • Michelle Leigh - weekend weather 1990s.
  • John Champion - weekend weather 1990s.
  • Laura Huckabee - morning and noon weather 1992-1995
  • Mike Nicco - morning show weather and Chief Met, 1997-2001. 
  • Brett Cummins - joined KARK in early 2000s, became Chief Met. Left station in 2009 and returned a year later. Left station again in 2011.
  • Mike Francis - joined KARK in early 2000s, became Chief Met in 2009. Left station in 2011.
  • Jason Kadah - weekend weather in mid 2000s.
  • Greg Dee - weekend meteorologist joined station in 2008, now morning meteorologist.
  • Darby Bybee - joined station as weekend meteorologist in 2011 and left in 2012.
  • Keith Monahan - joined station as Chief Met in 2012.
  • Steve Adamson - fill-in meteorologist 2012-2014.
  • Natalie Walters - noon weather and fill-in meteorologist joined station in 2013.
  • Pat Walker - weekend meteorologist joined station in 2013.

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