Group Works On Texting and Driving Prevention

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A new report -- released just before one of most popular holidays for travel -- targets teen drivers.

And one group is working to prevent distracted driving accidents.

It's estimated 57% of people killed -- in distracted driving accidents -- are teens.

A new Governors Highway Safety Association report takes a closer look at this number and offers suggestions to state leaders on what can be done to reduce it.

Teen drivers we talked to admitted to texting behind the wheel, even though they know it's dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Micheal Jacobs said, "I'm not going to lie, I'll be scared sometimes."

Treveon Lane said, "Actually this year I lost a friend from an accident from a car accident. He was texting and driving."

But teens say using a cell phone isn't the only risky business happening behind the wheel.

Lane said, "I wouldn't say most of the time I'm texting, I would say most of the time I am checking my music and stuff."

Jacobs said, "If you see a girl that looks good you might want to look a little bit."

In a Governor's Highway Safety Association report there are suggestions on what can be done to prevent teen distracted driving.

For example, suspending licenses when caught texting, even on the first time.

High school programs can help where kids can earn cash for educational contests.

And, another suggestion, media campaigns with creative messages for young drivers.

But the teens we talked to say it still may not be enough to stop texting and driving along with other distractions.

In Arkansas, you can't text and drive regardless of your age and an officer can pull you over for that even if there's no other violation.

Typically though, you'll just get a fine of no more than $100.

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