Girl, 10, Survives Shooting in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A local girl is recovering from being shot after bullets are fired from a vehicle on the street.

It happened Monday night around 8 near 21st & Pine.

Police say the 10-year-old was hit by a bullet that passed through her right arm and then went into her chest.

The girl's older brother told reporter Leah Uko this morning that their mom had left to go pick up their dad from work when they were locked outside the house. The injured girl had then crossed the street to go to a neighbor's to call their mom.

The boy said he saw the vehicle pull up in front of the neighbor's house. After that, he saw the doors fly open and heard bullets being fired from two guns.

The girl had made it to the front porch of the neighbor's home before she was shot. She then ran across the street back to her house, leaving a trail of blood.

Her brother told us when she got back to their house, she had blood all over herself. He says he sprayed water on her. 

"She just kept saying 'please pray for me. I feel like I'm dying'," said Taushell Rawls, the girl's cousin.

The girl's brother told us she is a student at Dunbar Middle School.

Resident Willie Clark also heard the shots. He said he thought it was from children popping firecrackers.

Another resident who heard what she described as "several shots," told police when she got up to see what was going on, an unknown black man ran into her house and then out the back door.

She told officers he looked like one of her son's friends but her son was not home.

Police say the wounded girl was driven to the hospital in someone's car.

A witness reported seeing an SUV leave the area after the shooting.

"You hear about stuff like this on the news. You don't hear about it in your own family. It's sad. She's too young for stuff like this," said Rawls.

The incident is under investigation and so far there have been no arrests.

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