Garage Cabinets

If you have tools, paint cans, sawhorses and all kinds of things all over the floor you need to create some storage space in your garage.
    You can use old kitchen cabinets to create extra storage space in your garage and get everything up off of the floor.
    If you?ve got a friend who?s remodeling their kitchen or if you can get to a flea market, this is an inexpensive way to create storage space in your garage.
    You need to use a stud finder to find where the studs are to center your cabinet array.
    Once you find the studs, mark them.
    There are many ways to attach the cabinets to the studs but here?s the way we prefer
    Take a one by four backer board that will screw into the studs and that?s what you want to hang the cabinets from.
    What you need to do is cut two of these one by four backer boards at opposing 45 degree angles.
    Also, use a Push Shoe to push the material through the table saw so that your hands aren?t imperiled by the spinning blade.
    One board cut at a 45 degree angle we?ll screw into the studs horizontally.
 The opposing 45 degree board we?ll attach to the back of the cabinets.
    Once the board is attached to the cabinets, it will form a lip that will drop into the opposing 45 degree board we?ve attached to the wall.
    And this method will hold the cabinet securely. And by using this method, you can slide the cabinet back and forth if you need to (for example if you?re off center in relation to your base cabinets which will sit on the floor) because it?s not one board attached to the studs.
    Once the wall cabinets are hung and the base cabinets are in place, you can further customize your garage cabinets by adding a countertop.
    Check you home center for bargains. In our case, we bought a 10-foot long counter top for 20 dollars that originally was priced at 108 dollars because it had a slight scratch on it.
    By recycling cabinets and using them as storage for your garage you?re not only saving landfill space, but you can add a nice aesthetic look to your garage and get rid of the clutter in your life.

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