Former Hogs Offer Advice to Razorback QB after Truck Fire

LITTLE ROCK, AR - As game week gets underway for the Arkansas Razorback football team, the Hogs are also dealing with a new obstacle. Starting quarterback Brandon Allen's pickup truck was engulfed in flames early Monday morning.

As the investigation continues into what happened and why the truck caught fire, former Hogs are offering advice to Allen.

Broderick Green played running back for the Hogs, he said, "It's the utmost disrespect to me, and especially from one of our fans, I'm not saying that it was a fan, but the fact that it happened where we play, where we represent the state, I mean it's disgusting."

Former quarterback Matt Jones said, "Something like that does taint a fan base."

It's not known if the fire was set intentionally or if Allen was the target.

Green said after a fumble in a game against Auburn, one fan went to social media to sound off, "I got a Facebook message from some random guy writing me all this crap, talking about how I was a disgrace to the state."

Jones said during his time on The Hill, he remembers a missed kick leading to tough times, "We had a field goal kicker and he missed a field goal and there were stories about how people gave him death threats, or kind of ran him out of class one day."

Both former Hogs said the key for Allen is to stay close with his teammates.

Green said, "I would just tell him to have thick skin, know that myself and other former players and other people around the state are supporting him."

Jones added, "I guess it's like throwing an interception, losing a game, of course you are mad for a second, but you got to put it behind you, and you gotta move on."

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