Faith Matters: Arkansas Dream Center

LITTLE ROCK, AR---A Christian ministry in Little Rock set a goal to feed two hundred and fifty thousand children this summer, plus give kids a safe and fun place to play.


Dancing, Crossfit and a computer lab.  Summer camp at the Dream Center is literally a dream for these kids - K through 5th grade.


"They give us healthy snacks, they are always nice, and it's a really fun place," an 11 year old who attends summer camp said.


The best part?  It's completely free.  Parents can drop off their kids from 10-2 for eight weeks during the summer.  It's a ministry of the Arkansas Dream Center.  They provide two meals, educational programs and a Bible lesson.


"We teach them about God and the Bible, but in a way that is fun for them," Natalia Smith with the Arkansas Dream Center said.


Right now, between fifty and one hundred kids attend camp.


"My vision for this, is to have thousands of kids here," said Smith.


They are giving children a bright future.


"Believing in the kids, letting them know there is a hope," said Smith.


Summer camp is just one of many ways the Arkansas Dream Center is reaching the community.


"This year we went after a huge goal to feed 250,000 kids this summer," Kristen Fagaly, Coordinator for the Arkansas Dream Center said.


The Dream Center opened three and a half years ago on Daisy Bates.


"This community ... God really drew my heart to it," Fagaly said.


Center Coordinator Kristen Fagaly says they reach out to the needs of those around them.  Whether someone's car has broken down or a child needs a good meal, their mission is to serve. 


This weekend they will be packing 100,000 meals to send to hungry children in Haiti. If you would like to donate to the Arkansas Dream Center, go to

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