Education Matters: Zoofari Camp

LITTLE ROCK, AR - What do you get when you show a group of kids a ferret who can paint?

A bunch of questions.

"How did it paint? Because it doesn't have any thumbs and it can't hold a paint brush, can it?"

"How does a ferret even paint with his hands, I mean I know they can paint."

Can they?

"Most of them probably eat it, they think it's ketchup or mustard or something."

"It actually steps in the paint, because they use a target to make it scurry across the board."

"Ohhhh that's how he does it."

That is just some of what these 8 and 9-year-olds are learning at Zoofari this week, a three day camp at the Little Rock Zoo.

"Zoofari is a great experience for kids, it's educational, it's fun, it's a great outing for the summer, it's just enough time," says Susan Altrui.

They also learn how to paint with a parrot's feather instead of brush.

"You can paint anything you want except it comes out in a neat way."

"I think a feather is probably a little lighter than a brush."

Brushing up on their animal instincts at Zoofari,

"I learned new today that ferrets can paint."

and not to rush to conclusions,

"Don't judge an animal just because it doesn't have thumbs or parts like we do."

before seeing the entire picture.

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