Education Matters: The Transition from High School to College

LITTLE ROCK, AR - When students head off to college, life changes drastically both for them and their parents.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is helping incoming freshmen start off on the right foot with mentoring sessions.

To help students adjust to college life, there are groups on campus, from the Chancellor's Leadership Corps (CLC) to the African American Male Initiative (AAMI). 

"They need to know that somebody has been through that, so they can confide in somebody instead of having to go through it by themselves," explains Nigel Spears with AAMI.

So, what do they hear the most?

"Will I get lost, will I make friends, how's the food?" answers Aliyah Joseph.

"Who are the easiet teachers, what are the best classes to take. We also get asked questions about housing. What do the rooms look like," adds Kristyn Scott.

The girls are able to answer those questions because they've been there, done that.

Nick Steele, the coordinator of CLC says helping students make that transition is critical. 

"A lot of new students are coming in and they don't know what's going to happen. They're kind of nervous, anxious their first year, so we kind of give them the resources and knowledge to succeed," he says.

And being in the group is a way to bond.

"So, you're thrown in with all these people and everyone is essentially on their own. You kind of find each other, so you make friends really fast," Robin Oglesby adds.

Mentees can always keep in constant contact with mentors through social media.

"A lot of us have the group me apps so we can like contact people or Nick Steele. He also advises us to have a CLC page, text messaging a lot, that's a big thing for me," Scott says.

A big thing for parents and incoming freshmen is reassurance that it will be a smooth process for students in making the transition from high school to college.

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