Education Matters: AVID Tutors

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Sandra Carmona - Garcia busy is working at Imprenta Printing on Geyer Springs in Little Rock, a job she was able to lock down right out of high school, a time she really enjoyed.

"I loved it, everything from the diversity to walking through the crowded halls," said Carmona – Garcia.

One of her teachers at Central High noticed she was very driven but reserved and suggested a program to help her break out of her shell.

"I remember a teacher passed by and said he, “I always see you doing your work, you're always focused, so I think AVID will be a good program for you," recalls Carmona – Garcia.

AVID which means "Advancement via Individual Determination," is a college prep program that provides support to first-generation college-bound students who otherwise likely would not attend college.

It also gives students like Sandra the self-assurance and self-confidence they need.

"English was my second language, I kept a lot of things to myself because I was scared, they would make fun of my accent, or I couldn't pronounce something correctly," said Carmona – Garcia.

Laureen Isom Director of Counseling and AVID with LRSD, says it focuses on students who fall in the middle rank of their peers.

“There are many programs for kids at the top and for programs at the bottom, but this program concentrates on kids in the middle with a 2.5 to 3.4 GPA to help get those kids college ready," said Isom.

And the college going success rate in the district is fantastic.

"98 percent of those students in AVID have been accepted into four year programs."

Sandra, a freshman at UALR is now getting ready to tutor students at Central High.

"I'm excited about that," said Carmona – Garcia.

If interested in becoming an AVID tutor, please contact Laureen Isom with the Little Rock School District a(501)447-2971 or

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