Cabot Schools Hoping Roundabouts Make Getting to School Safer

CABOT, AR - Cabot Public Schools and the city of Cabot split the bill to build two new roundabouts.  

The roundabouts replaced 4-way stops.  The hope is the new traffic diverters will provide safer travels to schools and speed up traffic around school.  

Dr. Harold Jeffcoat, Cabot Schools Deputy Superintendent, said, "Roundabouts aren't new to Arkansas, but they are new to Cabot." 

"If you've been here very long and you observe heavy traffic, it does seem to improve the traffic flow."

Sgt. Keith Graham from the Cabot Police Department said drivers will face a learning curve, "It's going to be fun Monday, we are going to have a lot of people. It's a new area. It just opened up about a week ago total for all of them, so you are going to have people kind of learning how they all flow and how they work."

Dr. Jeffcoat added, "So we think they are going to be prepared, but it is going to be a change and I think they are going to have to be a little bit more patient and we will eventually establish traffic routines just as we do every year and it will be fine."

Some parents are pessimistic about the new changes.

Tamatha Shirley said, "Chaos."

"I just think there's going to be a lot of wrecks, because they are confusing."

Kevin Brown agreed, "Problems."

"Because it looks like everybody is going to be wondering what to do, is what it looks like."

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