Part 3 of 3: Man Accused of Killing Realtor Beverly Carter Speaks Out

LITTLE ROCK, AR - " I mean, the first thing you do is panic."

Arron Lewis' tears fell to his jumpsuit as he talked from behind bars -- the suspect now charged with Capital Murder in the death of realtor Beverly Carter.

On the night of Sept. 25,  investigators said Lewis scheduled an appointment with Carter to look at a house  in Scott.
"It didn't have nothing to do with her showing a home," Lewis said.  "Just a place to meet."

We asked Lewis how he met Beverly or how he first heard about her. 
"Going on that scale is pretty much what I'm waiting to speak to my lawyer on," he said. 

What Lewis did say is that Carter willingly got in to his car that night.
"I never denied her going with me. As far as kidnapping, I've never kidnapped anybody. "
"You're saying that Beverly got in your car on her own free will that day?" KARK's Shannon Miller asked. He nodded.  

Lewis didn't  give details on what happened between that moment and Carter's death. 
"You made a big mistake and you better be hoping no one finds out, " he said. 
Investigators found Beverly's body in a shallow grave nearly thirty miles from Scott. on the property of a place Lewis used to work.

"I can say this much, we were already there," Lewis said. 
"At what point did you get there?" Shannon asked? "Was it that Thursday night?" Again, Lewis nods yes.  

Lewis alleges Carter's death was an accident and that authorities wouldn't buy his explanation based on his criminal history.
Lewis was asked what happened in that moment of panic.

"You've tried about five different ways," he said. "I really just want to give in."

It's not the first time Lewis let his guard down in front of our cameras. On Sept. 30, Lewis said he wanted to plead guilty and get it all over with. 
Now in prison, Lewis maintains his innocence . 

"I didn't kill her, I didn't murder her."

"You've never physically harmed a woman?" asked Shannon.  
 Lewis' responded, "I've never laid my hands on a woman period."

 As he awaits trial, Lewis sits in solitude-- sorry for everything that's happened.

"It hurts on a daily basis, just because you know that what happened was an accident, doesn't mean everything is okay."

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