Band Saws

If you're going to get into craftwork, you got to have the right saw to cut the mustard.  Now, in a case like this where you're cutting an intricate design like this, you could use a coping saw.  But it would take you a lot of coping and maybe some cursing and maybe some sweat to get it done.  There's a better way.  This is a 'band saw'.

For cutting a variety of woods, plastics or even metals, the Bosch Jigsaw is the right tool to get the job done right.

The Bosch Jigsaw 1587AVS features a high efficiency motor with more power for the most demanding cut. The jigsaw features a dust blower to clear your cut line that  shuts off for metal cutting.

It has a linear counter balance for accuracy and an adjustable footplate that tilts left and right up to 45?.  The base retracts for flash cutting and the top handle gives you extra control under a heavy load.

Standard Equipment
    * Three assorted blades
    * Anti-splintering device
    * Hex key

Optional Equipment
    * Plastic case
    * Metal case
    * Vacuum adapter kit

The blades we used are also exclusive to the Bosch Power Tool line.  They are the 'Progressor' blades. They provide the customer with a plunger tip for fast, precise plunge cuts to make the cuts easier and more accurate.

The blade?s teeth are milled and side set and the they offer a progressive tooth pitch from small to large to improve the accuracy of the cut.

The 'Progressor' blades are perfect for thick or thin materials. They will cut non-ferrous metals, plastics and aluminum up to 1 5/16? and wood with nails up to 3 1/8?.  The blades come in packages of  3, 5 and 25 sets so consumers will have a choice.

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