Cyber Security Tips

Smart phones are such an important part of our daily lives it’s hard to remember a time before we had them, but this near universal usage has made them a prime target for hacking.

Business World IT expert Jake Redman shared some of their tips to keep your devices safe.

TIP #1:       Beware of Phishing

Phishing is a pretty common scam that many people have probably heard of. This is when a scammer pretends to be a trusted source – like your bank or a business vendor - to gain personal or company information.

But what you might not know is that mobile users are three times as likely to provide private information. It might be harder to spot a fake email request on your mobile phone or tablet. Or you may respond without thinking since you might be rushing between meetings and checking your phone quickly.

Never click on links within email messages from your phone or tablet since it can be difficult to know if the email is legitimate.  Wait to check it from your desktop. 

TIP #2:       Check Your Apps

Before you download a personal app on your company phone, be sure to check with your IT department. They’ll want to make sure it’s safe and isn’t a security liability.  No one wants to be the employee who let hackers into the company database.

And for personal devices – when you don’t have an IT person to check on something – download apps only from trusted sources like the i-Tunes store or Google Play.

TIP #3:       Smart Security for Your Password

We hear from a lot of our customers that they absolutely hate having to change their passwords so much. We know…it can be a hassle.

BUT...this practice can often save you from being a cyber-attack victim. We recommend passwords that Spell S-M-A-R-T

  • Special characters
  • Mix numbers and letters
  • Aren’t predictable
  • Regularly change
  • Twelve characters long

Another option is to take advantage of new biometric security features like finger print scanners and voice or facial recognition.

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