Arkansans with Courage: Zack Towers

LITTLE ROCK, AR - People across the state and around the world are mourning the loss of Zack Towers, the Star City High School football player who suffered a brain injury during a 2012 game that would put him in a months-long coma.

The 19-year-old died early this morning at a local hospital.

We had planned to honor Zack later this week as one of our Arkansans with Courage but with the news of his death today, those honors come right now.

We had the chance to visit with Zack and his father a couple of weeks ago after a rehab session.

Zack's impact on this world will go on long after his death. He truly was an Arkansan with courage.

"He smiles a bunch and you can tell when he's not feeling good," says Jim Towers during our interview.

At that time, Zack made bold statements by simply using his face.

"He'll open his eyes and he'll look at you," says his dad.

Jim Towers tells us that you can just about read into Zack's mind by looking at him. Facial expressions are one of the few ways Zack communicated.

"This has been a faith run since Nov. 1 and he has done things they said he would never do," says Jim.

And what a run, full of mountains and valleys, starts and stops, good days and bad days, but the Towers' faith has not waivered.

Small moments, like when Zack used his hands to start communicating last year, turned into big celebrations.

"I've never looked at this situation as time, that his future is a time we've lost. Instead, I look back and say I was blessed to have him at the time we did for how he was," Jim says.

But just seeing how far Zack had come left room to believe a miracle was still in view.

"We really don't know what God has in store for us next and God made the opportunity for us to come here," he says.

Towers says on this journey that's turned into a marathon, it's been community support that helps to endure.

"We're thankful for those who remember him and are still praying for him because that's got us where we are today without a doubt," says Jim. "We know God's not done with him and we're just waiting to see what happens next."

That interview was recorded just a couple of weeks ago.

Zack's family regularly posts on a Facebook page called, Prayers for Zack Towers.

Family members say they find encouragement from it, knowing that people are still praying for Zack.

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