School Tells Students To Take Their Message Of Religious Faith Off Campus

- RUSSELLVILLE, AR- There's controversy over a group of Russellville High School students who are displaying their religious faith on campus. The Russellville School District is now asking them to preach their message elsewhere.

The small group of five say they've done nothing wrong. They stand out front the school's office holding signs of faith, bibles in hand and answering questions from students.

"I love doing this. Completely," says Alex Arellano, student.

Cory Byrum says he started the group because God told him to.

"I heard him say 'Ask me about Jesus' and it made no sense to me at all, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how many broken and lost people are at this school and how many of them need Christ like I did," says Cory Byrum, Russellville High School Student.

Soon, others like Alex Arellano joined him.

"It's not hurting anyone. All we're doing is saying good morning, you know have a nice day. We're not violating anyone's rights or anything like that," says Arellano.

But the school district is hearing otherwise.

"We did, we have students feeling uncomfortable," says Randall Williams, Russellville School Dist. Superintendent.

Superintendent Randall Williams met with the students Friday morning to explain why this can not happen on campus.

"School Districts are obliged to maintain what's called a limited public forum on campus," says Williams.

This means, students can't say anything they want to, any time and any where on school grounds.
"There's plenty of other ways for them to express their viewpoints at school which they are protected and we do protect the students right to be able to do that," says Williams.

In the meantime, Cory and Alex will share their faith from across the street, and not letting complaints get in the way from their goal.

"I'm kind of confused about it. I mean it's something I still feel like I need to do, but at the same sense I'm going to be respectful about it," says Byrum.

The boys plan to wear shirts and buttons to school to show their faith.

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