Brinkley Flooding Worsens; Gets Up To 4 Inches Of Rain

- BRINKLEY, AR- Two weeks after a storm flooded parts of Arkansas, the problem apparently getting only worse. Just when people in Brinkley thought the water was going away, they got another four inches of rain Friday.

State Senator Ron Caldwell, Brinkley's Mayor Billy Hankins and residents say no progress has been made. Homes are still flooded, residents are growing impatient and farmers are worried they're not going to make it.

Mark Browning, Chief Operating Officer for Tri-County Farmers says, "That's $30,000 dollars that the farmers spent, that he's not gonna get back. On top of the income from the crop."

Mark Browning showed KARK the damage farmers are faced with. After the first batch of rain two weeks ago, some farmers replanted once, twice, even three times only for it to be washed away.

"There's people who've lost half their crop and I honestly don't know how they're going to survive," he says.

For many, a plot of farm land is their livelihood.

"The banker's gonna want his money, you now. He could take this farmer's house to pay the loan back," says Browning. "It's very desperate and people should be worried."

Parts of State Highway 238 is submerged with water. There's a stench lingering, which farmers say is the soy beans and rice rotting away underneath the water. While the water hasn't gone anywhere, millions of dollars worth of crops are going down the drain. Now, concerned farmers who are desperate for help met with city and state leaders on Thursday to express their frustrations.

"You don't hardly get any help anymore, you're pretty much on your own. And it is expensive," says Browning.

Senator Caldwell told KARK they're just waiting for the federal government to declare this a disaster. Right now, it's an impatient waiting game. All residents and farmers can do is clean up what they can and wait for the water to subside.

Mayor Hankins says they need to come up with a plan to fix the Piney Ditch Drainage System which is causing this flooding. He says this is the worst they've ever seen their city.

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