Baseball Team Puts Rivalry Aside, Shows Support For Vilonia Opponents

- GREENBRIER, AR- When it boils down to game time, competition sets in, but one local school is putting rivalry aside this weekend to show their opponents they're on the same team.  The tornado devastation really hit close to home for Greenbrier baseball player, when they found out their biggest rival, the Vilonia Eagles, was left with a path of debris from the April 27th tornado.

"Even though they're our rivals, we'll do anything to help them," says Paxton Wallace, Greenbrier baseball player.

These athletes are also pitching together off the field to run a special gift of growth and life to the homeplate.

"Some of those guys are like brothers to us even though they're our enemies on the field, we all love them as a team," says Wallace.

These brothers banded together to give their opponents, trees. From apples, to dogwood, to plums and peaches. There are 30 trees in all, for each Vilonia baseball player to plant in their community.

"Trees are really resilient. You always see some trees that are destroyed, but then you always see the trees that are still standing and that's one kind of thing that I see when I see my teammates. They're still standing strong through the storm," says Jordan Patton, Greenbrier baseball player.

And these boys will be there every step of the way. Along with the trees, the team designed personalized t-shirts that show unity and friendship.

"This just kind of signifies that even though we may be rivals we still have a heart and we love each other," says Patton.

A scripture on the back inspired the team's gift. It reads "For there is hope for a tree if it be cut down that it will spout again and that its shoots will not cease."

"I'd do anything to help someone and I know they'd do he same for me," says Wallace.

The game and gift ceremony was supposed to take place Friday, but was postponed until Saturday because of the weather.

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