Political Plays: Minimum Wage, Gubernatorial Race and Immigration

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Political Analyst Bill Vickery and Jessica DeLoach break down out Political Plays of the week. A hot topic right now is a group -- pushing to raise Arkansas' minimum wage is continuing forward on its effort despite a recent setback. The Secretary of State's office says the petition from the group "Give Arkansas A Raise Now" did not collect enough valid signatures to get onto the November ballot. The group has been given an extra 30 days to make up for the signatures that were disqualified.

A group opposing a ballot measure expanding alcohol sales in Arkansas says Arkansas's Secretary of State waited too long to accept signatures. Ballot petitions for the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment were submitted on July seventh but a group against the proposal says the state's constitution requires them to be sent in no later than four months before election day. That would be July fourth, the Secretary of State says since that was a holiday, they waited until the next business day but they'll look at the challenge.

Governor's race catching national attention. Mike Ross released plan to curve domestic violence in Arkansas. Republican Governor's Association plans to put money in to the Arkansas Governor's race.

Senator Mark Pryor sitting down with KARK to discuss the immigration crisis and gridlock in Washington. Pryor says he supports speeding up the process of deporting children who cross the border illegally. However, he also says we should also look into problems--such as crime-- in countries--pushing people to leave. On Capitol View---Pryor explained his views on the lack of action of some of the nations most critical issues. Sen. Mark Pryor, (D) Arkansas, "We are not elected to get re-elected, we are not elected to do the best thing for our careers, we are elected to govern and to lead and that's something sorely missing in Washington." In addition to immigration Pryor discussed his concerns about legislation raising age requirements for medicare and other entitlement programs.

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