Part 2 of 3: Man Accused of Killing Realtor Beverly Carter Speaks Out

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Beverly Carter went missing late last month. Four days after her disappearance while showing a home, we learned she had been tragically murdered. The story made national headlines and left many asking questions, including us. As a news organization it is our job to find the answers, so KARK 4's Shannon Miller contacted this man, Arron Lewis and he agreed to an interview. But Wednesday we shared the entire interview with both the Carter family and investigators. Now it's your turn to hear directly from the man who's now charged with her murder.

"I've done stuff where the police could come knocking on my door at any time. "

The man now in all white talks about his history of getting green the illegal way. 

"It's a toss up on what they're trying to get me for."

Arron Lewis behind bars for the death of Beverly Carter admits to being a criminal but not a killer.

"I didn't murder her and anything that did occur was an accident."

Lewis told us in this exclusive interview he started stealing as a kid and his crimes progressed from counterfeit credit cards to targeting fast food customers at McCain Mall and other Central Arkansas locations.

"I'm sure there's a whole bunch of people whose got credit card charges on their credit cards and trying to figure out where they're coming from and stuff like that."

And although he says he has a quest for cash while he says he's never stolen anything worth more than 500 dollars and not the man that the public perceives him as.

"My lawyer said that we're taking a beating in the media, My response to him was I'm not taking a beating in the media I'm being crucified. "

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