LRPD: Leads Few in Midtown Fatal Pedestrian Hit & Run

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Detectives say a lack of eyewitnesses could make the fatal pedestrian hit and run of a 76-year old man tough to solve.

Residents in the Midtown neighborhood say they hope whoever struck Barry Livingston in the predawn hours Monday on Hughes just north of Markham will be caught.

John Buzbee lives down the street from the man he says he often saw outside walking with his dog.

"He always had his headphones on," Buzbee says. "And he would walk different routes. I'd see him on Markham sometimes, I'd see him down on McAdoo (street), I'm sure I saw him the day before this happened."

A passing jogger found Livingston in the yard of a home just south of the intersection of Hughes and Amherst and called police.

Livingston sustained a severe head injury and a broken right leg, according to police reports.

He died at CHI St. Vincent Infirmary in Little Rock on Tuesday.

"Someone just left him in somebody's yard for another person to find," Buzbee says. "That's kind of depraved."

Lt. Sidney Allen with the Little Rock Police Department says there were no eyewitnesses to the accident, so detectives will likely need an observant citizen to help advance the case.

"Maybe someone reporting an abandoned vehicle in the neighborhood and they go there and materials found at the scene are some of the similar materials missing from that vehicle, that could be the part that breaks the case open," Allen says.

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