Kids Return to School, Seven Buses Get Stuck

- LITTLE ROCK,AR--Many Central Arkansas students went back to school after wintry weather forced more snow days, but some parents are asking if the roads were ready for their return Wednesday.

The Little Rock School District confirmed seven school buses got stuck Wednesday morning of the nearly 300 runs. Two of them were in the same neighborhood and some parents are saying it's preventable.

"I put ice melt in the road in my section of the road to try to help alleviate the situation," explains Noelle Scuderi.

Scuderi took these photos of two school buses stuck on Stonehenge Road, in the Marlowe Manor neighborhood.

"There was time for the roads to be treated yesterday and our neighborhood was not treated," she adds.

Not for lack of trying. Tuesday morning Scuderi posted her request on the city's Facebook page, asking crews to clear their steepest hills.

Wednesday as she monitored her neighborhood Facebook group she found other parents posting concerns over their kids' bus route.

By Wednesday afternoon, Stonehenge was drying up pretty well considering how slick some parents say it was during the morning commute. One mom told KARK her kid and about a dozen others were holding on to a stop sign, trying not to slide in the street.

An hour after Scuderi called transportation officials and started posting pictures, she says trucks showed up to clear the roads.

Scuderi says, "It was too little too late in my opinion we could have avoided putting bus drivers and those kids in that situation."

And while it's not the first time she's seen buses stuck there, she's hoping the city and the school district will develop a plan to ensure it's the last time.

There were no injuries on any of the buses that were stuck.

The city focuses on main roads then secondary, neighborhood streets but they don't specifically prioritize clearing school bus routes. Some parents would like to see that change.

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