Report Details Shelter Door Failure in April Tornado



MAYFLOWER, AR -- A report released by Texas Tech on what caused a storm shelter to fail in is in the first phase of a three-phase project.

The safe room failed during the April 27th tornado -- resulting in one woman's death and another's serious injury.

In phase 2, FEMA will use a state-of-the-art debris launcher and high-speed photography equipment to see how doors handle tornado-induced wind pressures and debris impacts.

In the final stage, they will develop and implement strategies and hardware to modify doors that don't live up to standards.

MAYFLOWER, AR -- Scientists have released a report analyzing the failure of a Mayflower safe room in the April tornado.

Engineers and researchers at Texas Tech University conducted the study.

The report calls for safe rooms to be constructed in strict accordance with FEMA standards, with tested door assemblies.

The report also says door manufacturers should provide notices to resellers and wholesalers of the dangers of selling non-tested door products for tornado safe rooms.

To check out the full report, click here.

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