KARK Pays It 4ward to Generous Retired Brickmason

- FRIENDSHIP, AR -- A retired brickmason is on a mission to help restore grave sites for veterans, neighbors, and strangers. For that, KARK and Chick-Fil-A of Central Arkansas are paying it forward to Marvin Hathcock.

After decades of brick masonry, Marvin still holds on to pieces of his passion. He collects antique and used brick in a yard near his home.

"I just love it," he says, "[I] can pass by a job or a house and say, 'I've done that job.'"

But after 39 years, sickness stopped him from working

"I had so many heat strokes, those guys had to take me to the hospital so many times," Marvin says.

So Hathcock turned to serving, volunteering his time to help churches, neighbors, and people he'll never meet. Upon finding old grave markers covered in grass, or barely recognizable, Hathcock started rebuilding them to last with brick.

"I couldn't believe that thing was on the ground like that under that dirt," Marvin says, pointing out one of the many grave markers he's rebuild.

Proud of her dad's volunteer efforts, daughter Melanie Jackson nominated him for KARK's Pay It 4ward award. Marvin says it's simply something he felt needed to be done.

"I just got tired of going and seeing people who didn't have nothing there to really know," he says, "Several out there didn't have a marker at all. I just made everything for them."

Marvin's children say he's always worked from the heart.

"He does it unselfishly," says daughter Melanie Jackson, "He never boasts, he never brags, it's just something that he takes his own time, his skills, his hard work."

"He can't let go," says son Cecil Hathcock, "He loves it, he still wants to work. Even though he's not able to, he gets out there to piddle around."

KARK and Chick-Fil-A of Central Arkansas presented Marvin with $250 in American Express gift cards. The money will help the Hathcocks take a trip to Branson.

To nominate someone who selflessly serves their neighbors or community, follow the entry submission guidelines here.

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