Hutchinson Discusses National Attention Over Forgetting Voter ID

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Republican gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson and Matt Mosler joked Wednesday morning about how an off-the-cuff comment turned into a national story Tuesday.

On a day where Hutchinson's camp undoubtedly hoped his victory over Curtis Coleman in the GOP primary for governor would've been the headline, it was instead about voter ID.

On Tuesday morning's edition of KARK 4 Today, Mosler mentioned that Hutchinson told him he visited a polling place and left his identification in the car.  A member of his staff grabbed Hutchinson's wallet and he was then able to cast his vote.

The comment from Mosler turned into a national story about how a candidate who supported voter identification at the polls failed to bring ID himself.

"You made a national story out of a little joke," laughed Hutchinson.

"No, you did!" responded Mosler. "You're the one who admitted it!"

Hutchinson discussed how his run this time around is different than 2006 noting that Arkansas has become a more conservative state.   He said he's thankful to his GOP rival Curtis Coleman for immediately endorsing his effort after conceding last night.

You can click on the video above to hear more about what Hutchinson plans to do moving forward.

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